Fairway and its sponsor partners have collectively handled a portfolio of $8.8 billion in diversified assets across the U.S.*


Fairway has an expansive network of vetted sponsors.

We pride ourselves in discipline, our fanatical due diligence, a culture of accountability, and a “value investing” mindset. We have 20+ years’ experience and a deep understanding of a highly fragmented and opportunity-laden real estate space.

Store Conversion

Broad Asset Mix in an Underserved Space

Alternative real estate opportunities take many different forms. We offer a wide range of options and flexibility for both investors and partner sponsors.

  • Multifamily, hospitality, retail, industrial, office, and self-storage asset strategies
  • Nationwide, often off-market, exclusive products of institutional quality
  • Assets with potential for value enhancement through renovation and financial restructuring
  • GP, co-GP and LP investments by Fairway
  • Debt and equity investments and structures
  • Pooled investment funds (diversification) and individual assets (concentration)
Asset Mix Multifamil And CRE

Unique Opportunity for Alternative Real Estate Investment

The U.S. real estate market accounts for 20% of the global real estate market by value**. Fairway’s niche is a highly fragmented space not directly correlated to the broader equity markets. While all investments have risks, our deals have the potential to yield attractive risk-adjusted returns, regular income, appreciation, and tax benefits through depreciation.

  • Many real estate investments can potentially provide capital appreciation by applying value-add strategies to the real estate
  • Underperforming assets may be available at a discount to intrinsic value, with a potential for value enhancement through repurposing, renovation, improving property management, and financial restructuring
  • Assets are shortlisted from a large pool of available (but mostly off-market) opportunities that Fairway is privy to through our extensive sponsor partner network


* Value based on asset data obtained from Sponsor Partners and publicly available sources, and on valuation information obtained through CoStar.

** Source: HSBC Global Real Estate Report, Zillow, NAREIT

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