The Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) Experts

Our purpose is to facilitate a massive flow of capital between serious investors and high quality SBRE entrepreneurs

Need Capital?

For the right SBRE entrepreneurs, we can invest directly and/or raise capital on your behalf.

Starting a fund?

Our advisory expertise can help you architect, design and build your own discretionary fund.

Want to invest?

Investors can gain access to various SBRE investment opportunities that Fairway has underwritten.

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Broad Asset Mix in an Underserved Space

Small Balance Real Estate opportunities take many different forms. Our platform provides a wide range of options and flexibility for both SBRE entrepreneurs and investors.

  • Multiple SBRE asset strategies considered
  • Nationwide geography
  • GP and/or LP investments by Fairway
  • Debt and equity investments and structures
  • Pooled investment funds (diversification) and individual assets (concentration)
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Superior Information in a Fragmented Market

Obtaining broad and deep information about small balance real estate is hard to do. Interpreting it is even harder. You can benefit from our extensive relationships with SBRE stakeholders and 100% commitment to the space.

  • We provide education and insight to both investors and entrepreneurs
  • You benefit from our thousands of conversations with hundreds of clients
  • Extensive awareness of SBRE performance
  • Real time and direct stream of information from around the country
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Fanatical Due Diligence and Vetting

We want to know our stakeholders deeply. By building the SBRE community one entrepreneur and one investor at a time, we keep the bar high for all of our constituents to help foster mutual trust.

  • Strict business and investment philosophy
  • Core values that drive behaviors
  • Relationships more important than transactions
  • We do our homework – on people, on deals, on everything

Powerful Tools for SBRE Entrepreneurs and SBRE Investors

Fairway America and its affiliated companies are committed to building the world’s leading SBRE community and providing the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to succeed – all in the mission of facilitating a massive flow of capital between serious investors and quality SBRE entrepreneurs.

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Revolutionary platform to automate key processes in private securities
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Fund Administration

Back-end accounting and administrative services for SBRE entrepreneurs
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Fairway America reviewed investment opportunities for registered investors
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See What’s New in Small Balance Real Estate

As seasoned SBRE entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, we continually strive to share important insights and information that may help you achieve SBRE success.

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Get your free copy, shipping included, of Capital Attractionthe Small Balance Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Essential Guide to Raising Capital, a must-read for SBRE entrepreneurs and investors alike.

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