Advisory Services

If you are an SBRE entrepreneur looking to scale and grow your business, our SBRE advisory services and packages are custom tailored for relevance, affordability, and impact.

Everyone is at a different stage so we will meet you where you are in your journey. Our services are by SBRE entrepreneurs, for SBRE entrepreneurs.


Capital Sourcing

Whatever your SBRE strategy, our flexible and discretionary investment funds are designed to invest in, with, or alongside solid and capable SBRE entrepreneurs who are serious about their underwriting and due diligence.

We consider debt, equity, and fund investments at both the GP and LP levels to high quality SBRE entrepreneurs nationwide. If you have true “value investing” DNA, let’s discuss a relationship.

The Fairway Difference

Because we are both SBRE investors and SBRE entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the space like no one else. We bring SBRE investors and entrepreneurs these “Three Uniques”.


For SBRE entrepreneurs, by SBRE entrepreneurs: We have walked many miles in your shoes


Full suite of services, options and resources custom tailored for SBRE entrepreneurs


Diagnosis before prescription – we meet you where you are in your SBRE journey

Products and services for SBRE Entrepreneurs


Deal Structure

Make sure you’ve configured your opportunity for success and gain a deeper understanding of your offering and its economics.


Expert Planning

Gain clarity, focus and direction for your SBRE business by working with seasoned experts who can help you plan and execute your SBRE growth.



Streamline your operations and make a great impression on investors with our back-office fund administration and investor management tech platform designed specifically for SBRE entrepreneurs.

We Drive Capital to SBRE Entrepreneurs Nationwide

At Fairway America, we provide SBRE entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools, and support to build greater trust with investors who want superior and educated access to this highly inefficient and fragmented market space.

Our Mission is to “facilitate a massive flow of capital to worthy SBRE entrepreneurs” and everything we do is focused on this purpose.


About Fairway America

Fairway America is the nation’s leading advisory, consulting, and investment firm for non-institutional sized real estate asset based strategies, structures and transactions – what we call Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE). Fairway and its related companies provide a full spectrum of strategic services, including capital, to SBRE entrepreneurs around the United States. Our suite of offerings includes real estate pooled investment fund architecture and creation, back-end administration, direct investments, investment management technology solutions, and capital raising services and opportunities.

Fairway’s affiliated entity also manages our own proprietary and discretionary pooled investment fund, providing SBRE entrepreneurs with much needed and desired capital for their funds, syndications and other investment vehicles, and qualified investors with the ability to leverage the expertise of the market leader in the space.

Leadership team


Matthew Burk


Matthew Burk is founder and CEO of Fairway America and its related companies, and Chief Investment Officer of Fairway America’s proprietary investment funds. Matt is the world’s foremost authority in the field of non-institutional sized real estate asset based strategies and structures, particularly around 506 Regulation D pooled investment funds and syndications. He has lead Fairway’s investment team for more than 25 years in closing nearly 1,000 SBRE transactions and raising several hundred million dollars from accredited investors between Fairway’s proprietary pooled investment funds and individual transactions.

Matt is a highly sought after and widely respected advisor, consultant and mentor to dozens of SBRE entrepreneurs around the United States, having played a leading role in architecting more than 100 pooled investment funds with total offerings in the billions of dollars. He is the author of the SBRE industry’s seminal book, Capital Attraction: The SBRE Entrepreneurs Essential Guide to Raising Capital, and hundreds of blogs, articles, webinars, and podcasts. His expertise, insights, and integrity in the non-institutional real estate space provide unparalleled value to both SBRE entrepreneurs and investors alike.


Darris Cassidy


Darris Cassidy is the President of the Fairway America Capital Markets Group, where he leads strategy, capital raising and investor relations on behalf of the Fairway America Funds and other Fairway approved SBRE investment opportunities. Darris is also a principal of Fairway America. His unique set of sales, financial and real estate skills has allowed him to fill several key roles for the Fairway companies, where he has been instrumental in helping to determine and execute Fairway’s business strategies specifically. He is in the SBRE community as one of the foremost experts on raising capital for SBRE investment opportunities.

Prior to joining Fairway in 2012, Darris held several roles in real estate finance over the span of the past twenty years, including commercial real estate appraisals, real estate backed bond sales, bank lending, land development, production homebuilding, multifamily development and rehab, distressed asset acquisitions, and cash flow investing. Darris holds a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Gonzaga University, along with his Series 63 and Series 7 licenses, and is a registered representative of a North Capital, a FINRA-registered Broker/Dealer.


Jay Zollinger

General Counsel

Jay is Fairway’s General Counsel and a principal of the firm. He has worked with Fairway and its management team for nearly 10 years, and is intimately familiar with all legal aspects of private investing within the SBRE space. Jay is a practical, business-minded lawyer who leverages skills honed over decades of practicing law at the highest levels to help Fairway navigate the many regulatory and legal issues of the SBRE and securities space.

Jay graduated from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley in 1997. He started his legal career at Perkins Coie, the largest law firm in the Pacific Northwest, and was partner there when he left to serve as General Counsel to Saber Software, Inc. — a highly successful information technology company. He subsequently served as part-time general counsel to several companies in a variety of industries before joining Fairway as a principal in 2014.

John Wilson Headshot 400x400x

John Wilson


John Wilson is the Chief Financial Officer for Fairway America and its related group of companies. He is responsible for leading the overall treasury functions, developing and executing best-in-class financial planning and analysis capabilities, and managing and leading the overall accounting for Fairway’s group of companies. Using an analytical approach, John partners with the firm’s other executives to deliver profitable growth, operational efficiency and process discipline.

John joined Fairway America in the fall of 2017 after spending nearly two decades at Intel Corporation in a variety of finance and leadership positions, including as the finance executive responsible for starting up and managing Intel Federal, LLC. At Intel, John acquired industry-leading financial management practices and developed a deep understanding of the balance and interdependency between fiscal discipline and revenue growth. John has a reputation for successfully managing diverse teams and has a proven track record of building and leading business units.

Prior to joining Intel, John earned a B.A. in English at Brigham Young University and his M.B.A from Purdue University.


Kellen Stevens

Director of Strategic Accounts

Kellen is the Director of Strategic Accounts for Fairway America and its related group of companies. Kellen leads the business development and sales efforts for Fairway America Advisory Services group and helps clients assess their current needs to determine how Fairway and its group of companies can provide maximum value to their SBRE business. Kellen has been with Fairway for over 11 years and has been instrumental in identifying key strategic relationships for Fairway in both the advisory and investment divisions of the company.

Kellen is highly respected by clients for his deep knowledge of all of Fairway’s capabilities and his ability to match clients’ specific needs to Fairway’s suite of services. He plays a leading role in the growth of Fairway’s Advisory Services and in identifying new opportunities and relationships for Fairway and its group of companies.