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Why Consider Small Balance Real Estate?

SBRE is a highly fragmented market not directly correlated to the broader equity markets that has the potential to yield attractive risk-adjusted returns, regular income, appreciation, and tax benefits through depreciation.

  • SBRE investments are all rooted in real property – physical assets that can be seen and touched
  • Many SBRE investments can potentially provide capital appreciation by repurposing, renovating, and/or restoring the property, improving property management, and other strategies to add value to the real estate
  • Unlike some stocks, SBRE investments may also generate consistent income and cashflow
Why Choose Us

What Differentiates Fairway?

We have been in business since 1992 and have operated through multiple market cycles. We coined and defined the term “SBRE” and lead this fragmented and sizable market segment with our unique combination of services for SBRE entrepreneurs and investors.

  • We believe Fairway’s overall SBRE platform provides a compelling value proposition to SBRE entrepreneurs that attracts a large and broad opportunity set for our investment consideration
  • We are genuinely uncompromising in our due diligence to endeavor to protect and grow investor capital – we pay close attention
  • Investors can potentially benefit from our superior information on SBRE market conditions, trends, and strategies, a result of our extensive relationships with hundreds of SBRE entrepreneurs around the country
  • This is not a “crowdfunding” site run by technology people – we are real estate people using technology to enhance the experience for investors and entrepreneurs
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Fairway Gives You SBRE Options

Fairway’s SBRE investment opportunities offer investors many different kinds of potential benefits, including:

  • Ordinary income
  • Appreciation income (capital gains)
  • Depreciation tax benefits
  • Equity investments (K-1s)
  • Diversification in funds
  • Debt investments (1099s)
  • Multiple asset strategies
  • Wide geographic exposure
  • Broad asset mix
  • Concentration in co-investments
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Serious Commitment to Due Diligence

Fairway deeply believes success in real estate investing comes down to timeless investment principles combined with disciplined underwriting and strong due diligence. We take this responsibility very seriously by digging deep into every SBRE entrepreneur we work with and every deal we consider.

  • We try to apply our “value investing” mindset to every decision we make
  • We delve into assumptions, valuations, budgets, and models to make sure we believe they are realistic (we hate “pie-in-the sky”)
  • We see and review dozens of deals for each one you see on our marketplace – we’re picky!
  • We understand that markets cycle and we only invest in things we believe will stand the test of time
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Fairway’s Investment Philosophy

When picking and choosing SBRE entrepreneurs and deals, we like to work with authentic, competent, and hard-working people who truly understand real estate and share a disciplined approach to investing principles. The following criteria guide our investment decisions:

  • Work with the right people who share Fairway’s DNA
  • Adhere always to a “value investing” approach
  • Focus on strong and reliable income producing potential
  • Use leverage reasonably and responsibly

Start Investing Today

To schedule a call with any questions on our proven process and explore whether or not there might be a fit, please email Darris Cassidy at or call 503.753.6169.

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