SBRE Capital Matters with Matt Burk Show 13: Kellen Stevens


Matt speaks with Kellen Stevens, Director of Strategic Accounts at Fairway America

SHOW 13: Matt speaks with Kellen Stevens, Director of Strategic Accounts at Fairway America. Matt and Kellen discuss how Fairway America’s Advisory Services works with real estate entrepreneurs grow their businesses and navigate through the challenges and choices they face in structuring their respective entities. Kellen breakdowns some of the common misconceptions regarding raising capital and managing discretionary funds. Matt and Kellen also speak about what it takes to be successful, from deal-flow to mindset.

Each week Matt will feature a special guest from the SBRE community to discuss ideas, issues, and topics relevant to both SBRE entrepreneurs and HNW investors. If you are a serious real estate entrepreneur and/or a HNW investor interested in alternative investments, join Matt each week to learn more about the SBRE space and how to increase your awareness and success.

Catch the internet radio show LIVE each week, Wednesdays, 10:30am-11:00am (Pacific)

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