The Relevance of Narrative Storytelling to Capital Raising

By Charlie Ittner

From Potato Salad to Profits… Charlie Ittner of the Darien Group shares his insights and experience harnessing the power and reach of storytelling as a strategic tool to help raise capital.


From cave drawings to cartoons to campfires, humans love stories. For Charlie Ittner, founder of the Darien Group, his background in the arts means he often gets asked what drew him to investment management. His answer? The stories. This industry is full of action and energy, but it often gets reduced to track record and experience. While those are important, you need a story to really hook people – prehistoric artists didn’t mark how many mammoths they’d bagged, they drew vivid hunting scenes!

In this session from our Virtual CapitalFlow Conference, Charlie Ittner shares more about the effect of stories on potential investors, how to find the story that should lead your marketing strategy, and exactly how potato salad relates to profits.

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