Leverage Technology to Raise More Capital

By Lance Pederson

In today’s jaded world, investors are more reluctant than ever to trust private offerings from people they don’t know extremely well. This means that to attract and retain more and more capital you need to ensure that you are demonstrating transparency at every turn. Executing on this is nearly impossible without the aid of technology tools.

Fortunately, these tools are now available! Lance Pederson, CEO of Fiducia Labs, shares his expert strategies and tactics for using various technology tools available in the market. Fiducia Labs is the creator of Marko, the Alternative Investment Management platform. Marko provides sponsors with a branded, white-label portal where investors can invest in available offerings, check their account balances 24 hours a day, generate automated investor capital account statements, and much, much more!

Lance shares his philosophy and best practices regarding the following:

• Customer relationship management
• Investor onboarding and compliance
• Investor portals
• Investor accounting
• Periodic reporting
• And more!

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