How to Eliminate Headaches Investing in Alternative Investments

By Matt Burk

Matt, Lance, Darris and Ryan shared their perceptions of the challenges that wealth managers face when placing client’s capital into alts. They also discussed the potential solutions to help overcome those challenges.

  • Are you looking for ways to capture a larger share of your clients’ investable net worth?
  • Has the administrative burden involved with investing in Alts stopped you dead in your tracks?
  • Do you wish there was an easier way to allocate capital to Alts without all of the hassle?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this webinar is for you.

Many wealth managers and RIAs we know have expressed strong interest in Alts, but the practical obstacles to allocating investment money to Alts often prove too many and too difficult to overcome no matter how much RIAs might like any given Alt. As an alternative real estate investment fund manager since 2001, we at Fairway America have been exploring the mystery of RIAs and Alts for years, and we believe we have discovered a way to drastically reduce the administrative burdens for RIAs and to help them bridge the gap between the amount they would like to allocate to Alts and the much smaller amount most actually do.

During this highly interactive webinar, you will learn about strategies that will allow you to…

  • Significantly reduce administrative burden when investing in Alts
  • Make sure the Alts you are investing in have appropriate reporting and valuation capability on the right platforms
  • Form your own white labeled alternative investment fund to help grow your firm’s AUM
  • Gain access to a broader selection of high quality investment opportunities
  • Streamline due diligence efforts when working with alternative investment managers
  • And more…

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