What is SBRE?

SBRE refers to any real estate asset-based investment opportunity that is non-institutional in size, scale and scope. This includes a wide variety of real estate asset-based strategies and types including private money lending, value-add direct acquisition of real estate (multiple asset types both residential and commercial), acquisition of distressed or discounted debt, and much more. SBRE transactions represent a large part of the total volume of real estate transactions in the United States according to Costar. SBRE is a highly fragmented market with what we believe are opportunities that have the potential to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for SBRE investors.


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1 Minute Audio: What is SBRE

Listen to the one minute answer to: What is Small Balance Real Estate?

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3 Minute Video: What is SBRE

Watch the three minute introductory video from SBRE expert Matt Burk


What Exactly is Small Balance Real Estate?

Read SBRE leader Matt Burk’s article defining Small Balance Real Estate and what makes it unique.

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