Insights for SBRE Investors

Resource Category: SBRE Investing 101

What Is Cover Play

3 Minute Video: What is SBRE

Watch the three minute introductory video from SBRE expert Matt Burk


1 Minute Audio: What is SBRE

Listen to the one minute answer to: What is Small Balance Real Estate?


What Exactly is Small Balance Real Estate?

Read SBRE leader Matt Burk’s article defining Small Balance Real Estate and what makes it unique.

Asset Class - Self Storage

Educational Session: Asset Class Focus – Self-Storage

Our panel discusses innovation and best practices in the self-storage real estate market.

Alternative Investments

Educational Session: Marko – The Alternative Investment Platform

Lance outlines the challenges faced by the alternative investment market and how the Marko platform aims to solve them.

Funds v Syndication

Educational Session: Funds vs. Syndications

Matt breaks down the key differences between fund and syndication investments.


Realities for SBRE Entrepreneurs and Investors

Matt breaks down some of the challenges, opportunities, risks, and rewards that affect SBRE entrepreneurs and investors.


Educational Session: Got Data? Market Insights with Marcel Arsenault


Educational Session: Technology Trust Tools


The Dynamics of SBRE Investments

Matt discusses the relationship between SBRE entrepreneurs and investors.

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