Insights for SBRE Investors

Resource Category: Due Diligence


Lesson 7:  What should I consider when reviewing a fund manager’s investment mandate?


Lesson 1: What is Small Balance Real Estate?

In this lesson, we define what small balance real estate is and what it isn’t.

Man on phone

The Difficulty of SBRE Investor Reporting

Matt addresses the challenges of investor accounting, reporting and communications.


Educational Session: Technology Trust Tools


Educational Session: The Do’s and Don’ts of Due Diligence


The SBRE Vision

Matt unveils the vision for small balance real estate and the three most important things he’s learned throughout his journey during CapitalFlow Conference 2016.


The Scariest Thing About SBRE Funds (and What to Do About It)

Matt shares the one thing that poses the greatest threat to investors and engenders the most fear in them.

Rock Jetty Sunrise

Reflections on the Laguna Summit

Matt reflects on the successful fourth rendition of the SBRE Investment Summit Laguna Beach.


Investor Due Diligence Part 2 – SBRE Investment Summit Seattle 2014


Investor Due Diligence Part 1 – SBRE Investment Summit Seattle 2014

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