Non-Investment Advisory Services

A full spectrum of non-investment advisory services so you can focus on real estate1

Targeted Investor Base

The Fairway Difference

Fairway America provides the Small Balance Real Estate industry’s most complete, targeted and relevant non-investment Advisory Services to entrepreneurs. We help you scale and grow your business, wherever you are in your SBRE progression. By following our Proven Process of fund creation, Fairway provides you with an institutional quality fund structure designed specifically to match your asset model and to appeal to your targeted investor base. We’re here to help!

*Non-investment advisory services are not offered through North Capital Private Securities Corporation.

Fairway America's Advisory Services - So You Can Focus on Real Estate

We have over 25 years of experience in closing over 700 SBRE transactions and raising more than $350 million dollars from accredited investors. We’re here to answer all your questions about Qualified Opportunity Zones Projects!

Fairway America’s Proven Process for Fund Creation

Ask us about Capital Raise Services

Determine Critical Success Factors

An exclusive focus on Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) and Qualified Opportunity Zone Projects

  • Determine critical success factors for making your fund development a smooth process and a success
  • Make sure you understand the critical success factors and provide guidance on your decision making
Ensure Your Fund Aligns With Your Targeted Investor Group

Our experience allows us to have a fund manager perspective... we’ve walked many miles in your shoes

  • A deep understanding of interrelated parts of fund management
  • Custom capital structures to match your asset model
  • Ensure your fund aligns with your targeted investor group
Full Spectrum Solutions

Full spectrum solutions... we answer all your questions and connect the dots!

  • Back-end accounting, financial reporting, and investor relations
  • Capital raising services, both online and offline
  • Investment management technology platform

Contact Us to Get Started

To schedule an introductory call for us to learn more about your SBRE business and explore whether or not there might be a fit, please email or call Kellen Stevens at or 503.906.9113. Fairway’s goal is to bring you value from the very first call.

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