Raise More Capital for Your Small Balance Real Estate Business

We help SBRE entrepreneurs nationwide scale their businesses using multiple strategies and tools, all designed to drive more capital to quality deals

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Direct Investment by Fairway

Fairway’s discretionary funds actively invest in debt and equity deals originated by capable SBRE entrepreneurs around the country.

  • Our Funds have a broad investment mandate to accommodate a wide variety of SBRE deal types
  • Qualified SBRE entrepreneurs need to demonstrate the right “value investing” DNA and mindset
  • Highly disciplined underwriting with serious attention to assumptions and downside risk required
  • Deals underwritten and invested in by the Fairway Funds may also be eligible for Fairway to raise additional co-investment capital from our investors
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Capital Raising

Fairway offers qualified SBRE entrepreneurs and deals the ability to raise capital from our database of investors.

  • Qualified deals may be listed on Fairway’s marketplace and exposed to its active SBRE investor community
  • Registered representatives can proactively raise capital for a qualified offering
  • Fairway and/or its affiliated companies offer investor relations, accounting, and reporting back office services for qualified deals
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Fund Creation and Non-Investment Advisory

Fairway’s expert team can help you navigate the nuances of setting up your own pooled investment fund using our proven process that has led the creation of more than 125 SBRE funds around the country.

  • Deep and broad experience with a wide variety of SBRE pooled investment strategies
  • Mortgage pools, value-add real estate ownership, discounted notes, single family flips and rentals, GP co-invest funds, and many more
  • Fairway’s direct experience managing more than eight funds over 18 years enables it to help sponsors navigate uncharted territory and make better decisions
  • Clients get a full set of offering documents, fully approved by securities counsel, and a deep understanding of the offering that is essential to success
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Investment Philosophy

Fairway likes to work with authentic, competent, and hard-working people who truly understand real estate and share a disciplined approach to investing principles. The following criteria guide Fairway’s decisions:

  • Work with the right people who share Fairway’s DNA
  • Adhere always to a “value investing” approach with a demonstrable “margin of safety”
  • Focus on strong and reliable income producing capability
  • Use leverage reasonably and responsibly

Not Sure Where to Start?

To schedule an introductory call to learn more about your SBRE business and explore whether or not there might be a fit, please email or call Kellen Stevens at kellen.stevens@fairwayamerica.com or 503.906.9113. Fairway’s goal is to bring you value from the very first call.

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