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Why Consider Investing in Fairway America’s Small Balance Real Estate Opportunities?

Small Balance Real Estate opportunities have the potential to generate appreciation, regular income, and tax benefits through depreciation. With Fairway America, you get our specialized expertise in Small Balance Real Estate and options for the type of opportunity that matches your investment goals:

  • All SBRE investments are made in debt and equity backed by physical assets.
  • We are uncompromising in our due diligence process, which endeavors to protect and grow investor capital.
  • Our opportunities provide options for: ordinary or appreciation income, diversification in funds, multiple asset strategies, wide geographic exposure, and more.

Funds and Syndications For Diverse Investing Goals

Keep in mind there are risks to investing in any of the categories below, as outlined in the specific offering materials. Login to see our opportunities in each category.

Pooled investment funds intend to provide investors diversification, regular distribution objectives, and redemption abilities.
Syndications are single-asset investments. Invest alongside Fairway or other investors.

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