At Fairway America, our mission is to drive a massive amount of capital to worthy SBRE entrepreneurs. To us this means helping serious real estate practitioners with every critical element of their business – proper capital structure, outstanding administration, focused technology solutions, world class investor relations, effective capital raising, and direct investments – to help create true success. Our Full Spectrum Solutions for SBRE entrepreneurs help systematically address the core challenges and pain points in your business and help accelerate your growth and success.

Non-institutional real estate entrepreneurs across the United States executing a wide variety of strategies all have one thing in common – the need to raise capital from investors on an ongoing basis. The areas of an SBRE entrepreneur’s business that make raising capital challenging and difficult are universal, yet widely misunderstood and underserved. We understand these dynamics like no other resource in the world and are dedicated to bringing unmatched value to the very best entrepreneurs in the space.

Let us show you how.

Fund Creation and Advisory Services

The starting point of attracting capital is proper capital structure. Your asset model should drive capital structure, yet these two critical and interrelated elements are often misaligned and suboptimal. Our flagship service – fund architecture, design and creation – helps SBRE entrepreneurs of all types establish the foundation for success.

Our Fund Creation engagement walks you step-by-step through the entire process of setting up your own 506 Regulation D discretionary pooled investment fund. From understanding the financial components to creating the proper fund structure to engaging outside securities counsel to approve all your documentation, our Fund Creation service is the industry gold standard.


For more information on our Fund Creation and other Advisory Services exclusively for SBRE entrepreneurs, please contact or 503.906.9113

Fund and Syndication Administration Services

Maximizing your capital raising success also requires proper, timely and accurate accounting and reporting to your investors. If you are like most SBRE entrepreneurs, doing a lot of backroom pooled investor accounting is not your strong suit or how you like to spend your time. But if you want to inspire investor confidence, it must be done well.

Our affiliate, Redwood Real Estate Administration, is the only third party administration firm anywhere that focuses exclusively on non-institutional sized, real estate asset based funds, syndications, and managers. Redwood lives and breathes real estate financial administration to provide you the resources you need to streamline your backroom and professionalize your reporting.


For more information and a free demonstration of what Redwood can do for you, please contact or 503.906.9113

Investment Management Technology

Another major barrier to efficiency, growth and success for SBRE entrepreneurs is the complete lack of relevant and user friendly technology to handle the entire investment management process. Instead, SBRE entrepreneurs are forced to try to cobble together a system of reporting using a hodge-podge of programs and tools that is at best cumbersome and time consuming. Online platforms are springing up, but nothing to date can handle the true needs of SBRE entrepreneurs and their HNW investors. Until now.

Meet Marko, Fairway’s technology platform for SBRE entrepreneurs and HNW investors!

Marko provides you with your own secure, white-labeled portal which enables your investors to complete the entire investment subscription process online in under 5 minutes saving you valuable time and energy while expediting the time between commitment and funding. In addition, your investors will be able to log in to view their account balance 24/7 reducing the number of investor inquiries you must follow-up on…and much more!


For more information on Marko, please contact or 503.906.9113

Direct Investments

Through its discretionary investment funds Fairway actively invests in a wide variety of real estate asset based funds, deals, and syndications and consider other real estate secured debt investments (newly originated, existing, discounted, and/or participations), equity investments (JV interests, direct ownership, or other forms of real estate acquisition), and pooled investment funds (LP shares, GP shares, debt, equity, etc.).

Our primary consideration is to work with smart, serious, disciplined and committed SBRE entrepreneurs – fund managers, syndicators, private lenders, discounted note buyers, and more – who can demonstrate a “value investing” mindset, strong underwriting capability, and a track record of success.


For more information on a potential investment from one of the Fairway funds, please contact Kellen Stevens at or 503.906.9113

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If you are a serious real estate asset based entrepreneur who must raise capital on an ongoing basis to fund your real estate asset strategy, our Full Spectrum Solutions can help you grow your business better than any other option available in the marketplace.

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