Fairway America Advisory Services has one mission – to help you scale your Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) business and systematically attract more capital from accredited investors. We have revamped and updated our Advisory Services to bring you the most comprehensive suite of offerings available in the industry, customizable to your specific situation and budget, to help you succeed.

Strategic Coaching

Our SBRE Strategic Coaching is often a great starting point for many SBRE entrepreneurs. This low-cost, low-commitment, month-to-month engagement can help you get on the right track. You get up to two one-hour sessions per month with one of our Small Balance Real Estate experts to help turbocharge your SBRE business. Bespoke engagements are available too!

SBRE Strategic Coaching

Make Sure Your Deal Is Structured Right

One of the keys to success is making sure your capital structure is set up right in the first place (and actually understanding it thoroughly). Through thousands of conversations with SBRE entrepreneurs, we have found that SBRE entrepreneurs often struggle with deal structure and what the economics really are.

These services will make sure you’ve configured your opportunity for optimal success and that you gain a deeper understanding of your offering and its economics.

Financial Modeling
Fund PPM Review
Turnkey Fund Creation

Get Expert Help Crafting Plans that Work

Many SBRE entrepreneurs thinking of setting up a fund simply don’t know where to start or how they will raise money for the fund. There are so many questions, ideas, concepts, and uncertainties swimming around in your head that it feels like driving in heavy fog late at night with no lights.

Our expert plans and accompanying consulting help you gain clarity about:
What needs to be done and why, in what order
What it is all likely to cost both going in and ongoing
How you might go about raising capital successfully
What resources you are likely to need and where/how to find them
And much more!

Our strategic services include:
Capital Raise Strategic Plan
Fund Roadmap
SBRE Investor Marketing Materials

Do What You Love – Outsource The Rest!

If you are like most SBRE entrepreneurs, the administrative part of your business is your least favorite. Accounting, financials, share price valuation, calculating income and investor returns, reporting, subscription documents, verifying accreditation, handling compliance and all the rest of the important but tedious details must be done, but you don’t like doing them.

Free yourself and your business to focus on what you do best — doing deals! Our institutional caliber administration and technology support streamline your operations and professionalize your business to help you attract and retain investors at a fraction of the cost and headache of doing it yourself.

Third-Party Administration
SBRE Technology Solutions

Not Sure Where to Start?

Our SBRE Strategic Coaching is the best starting point for most entrepreneurs and is tailored to your unique situation to help us and you figure out what is most important and relevant to you. Call today!

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If you are a serious non-institutional, small balance real estate asset based entrepreneur who must raise capital on an ongoing basis, Fairway America can help you make sure you are running your business optimally.

For a discussion of which Fairway America service would most benefit your business, please contact Kellen Stevens at kellen.stevens@fairwayamerica.com.

For information about how you can request an investment from Fairway America in your SBRE business, please check out the information about Capital through Fairway.