Who We Are


Fairway America is an integrated real estate investment services company with a track record of vetting and partnering with experienced sponsors across a variety of asset classes. We have a deep understanding of the challenges that sponsors face in this unique space, and as investors ourselves, expertise and discipline are our advantages.

Since 1992, we have been facilitating the flow of capital between informed investors and an ever-expanding network of sponsor partners.

Our mission is to enable investors to pursue institutional-quality investment opportunities by providing what we believe are reliable, professional and thorough origination, underwriting, and management of real estate assets.


Relentlessly Disciplined
Our culture of accountability, combined with our “value investing” mindset, drives fanatical due diligence.

We take pride in being scrupulously honest and in providing clear and timely communications.

Deep Expertise
Fairway America leads the development of opportunities in the highly fragmented sub-institutional real estate space.

High Expectations
We set the bar high for ourselves, our sponsors, and our investment performance.


All investment offerings must pass Fairway’s rigorous due diligence. Examples of steps we take include, but are not limited to, comprehensive and ongoing background checks on sponsors, a thorough review of their offering documents and financial projections, a sample verification of sponsor performance on prior deals, a deep-dive review on underwriting assumptions and approaches, and more. To learn more, please contact Kellen Stevens at kellen.stevens@fairwayamerica.com.

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