Fairway America’s Investment and Capital Markets Groups are dedicated to allocating and raising capital for best-in-class SBRE entrepreneurs. Our strategy is to identify, create and engage long-term, win-win relationships with what we consider to be strong and disciplined real estate syndicators, private lenders, note buyers, principals, and other sponsors who are able to stand up to rigorous due diligence. We actively invest in debt and equity deals originated by highly capable SBRE entrepreneurs and raise capital for certain types of deals and sponsors. To learn more, call us today.

Fairway’s fully discretionary Funds have a broad investment mandate to accommodate multiple deal types in the SBRE space:
Real estate equity in both General Partner and Limited Partner positions
Real estate secured debt (including participations, hypothecations, and 1st and 2nd position trust deeds and mortgages)
Units/shares in other 506 Regulation D pooled funds
Whole, participation, and fractional interests

We are highly opportunistic in our approach and very creative in structuring. The common theme for us is working with SBRE entrepreneurs with the right “value investing” DNA and highly disciplined underwriting approaches.

Relationship Benefits

If the Fairway Funds underwrite and approve certain investments, they may also be eligible for Fairway America Capital Markets Group (CMG) to raise capital in addition to our Funds investment. Through our relationship with North Capital, a FINRA licensed broker dealer, we may be able to offer the following options:
Direct, active capital raising into individual syndications
Passive listings on our online investment site, SBREfunds.com
Matchmaking and referrals between investors and SBRE entrepreneurs

CMG only actively raises capital or allows listings on our site if the SBRE entrepreneur and/or deals have made it through Fairway’s Fund thorough due diligence process.

Due Diligence Process

We believe deeply that success in real estate investing comes down to disciplined underwriting and due diligence and we take this very seriously. Our “value investing” mindset runs deep and we apply it across all our asset classes. Among other things, we will dig deep to determine:
Accuracy of valuation of the property
Believability of key assumptions being made on any deal
Background, character, integrity, and track record of sponsors
Reliability of cash flow streams (existing and proposed)
Processes, systems, capabilities of managers and key providers
And much more

The bottom line is we will do our homework. If you relish us digging in and knowing you will stand up to it, we want to talk to you!

Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy comes down to a handful of things. We believe if we deal with honest, competent, capable people who really understand real estate and share our “value investing” mindset, our chances of mutual success go way up.

At the end of the day, these are the four things we look for:
Making money on the buy (acquire below replacement cost, low LTVs, etc.)
Strong and reliable income producing capability
Reasonable and responsible leverage
Right people with good DNA match to ours

We believe success is actually quite predictable if fundamental principles are adhered to. If your beliefs are similar, let’s talk.

Contact Us

If you are a serious non-institutional sized real estate asset based (SBRE) entrepreneur who must raise capital on an ongoing basis, Fairway America may be interested in investing with you!

For a discussion of whether Fairway America might be a good capital partner for your SBRE business or deals, please contact Barry Johnson at barry.johnson@fairwayamerica.com

For more information about Fairway America’s advisory services for Small Balance Real Estate entrepreneurs, please check out our services for Entrepreneurs.